Springhall British Secondary School

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

All students should develop as rounded citizens of the country they live in through the totality of their educational experience, they should learn to embrace and be tolerant of all view points and beliefs.

Encompasses the acquisition of personal, learning and thinking skills

  • All subjects will emphasize the teaching of the knowledge and understanding that underpins each learning outcome. The learning, assessment and progression in cross curricular skills will have a focus on thinking.

Emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy

  • All Students are able to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in literacy and numeracy through discrete lessons that are cross curricular.

Enables students to take pride in their heritage

  • All students should increasingly experience a curriculum which includes the study of some themes, that focuses on the contribution of their heritage in shaping the world, past and present.

Prepare young people for the future

  • All students will leave being equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve as highly as possible at A-LEVELS and beyond.

Our Partners

Our dedicated partners