Springhall British Secondary School

Extra-Curricular Activities

Being prepared for global challenges with empathy and enthusiasm

At Springhall British Secondary School we are proud of the range of extracurricular activities and clubs that are available to our pupils. In keeping with the School’s vision of meeting the individual needs of all our children, we actively promote the holistic development of the individual in order to enable all our pupils to rise confidently and take on the challenges of a global life.  Extra -curricular activity is offered two times a week for an hour each. We have three different clubs we offer each day. We expect each pupil to become involved in at least one extracurricular activity each week and to commit to their chosen activity on a termly basis. Although there are lots of exciting activities we offer, we are always receptive to new ideas and some clubs have developed from pupils’ own particular enthusiasm or interests.

We encourage all pupils to contribute to the various charity initiatives undertaken throughout the school year. There are also national and international visits that are carried out throughout the year.

We various clubs based on student’s interest such as Swimming, Basket ball, Engineering, Tailoring and Textiles, Arts and crafts, animation and coding, Danie and Dairra, etc.

There are also National and International school visits that are carried out throughout the year to develop our students holistically throughout the school.

Effective communication and commitment to self-improvement

The Performing Arts Faculty strive to lead creative, informative and practical lessons in Drama, Art and Music. We encourage students to work hard in order to reach their full potential and achieve their capabilities. Our aim is to instil within every student a confidence, self-discipline and the ability to communicate effectively with others, becoming fully rounded, creative and responsible young adults. Students have the opportunity to learn Music, Drama and Dance along with the production elements of theatre. There are also many opportunities to get involved in our range of extra-curricular activities.

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